Vedatya institute is an initiative of IIT & the Wharton School alumni who wish to replicate their own quality educational experience for the benefit of students in India. It was established with the active support of corporations such as - The Carlson Group, USA and the Edwardian Group, UK . The institute is funded by the holding entity of Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi, Radisson Blu Varanasi and a restaurant chain called The Great Kabab Factory. The institute's campus, located on Gurgaon-Sohna road, is fully integrated with academic, recreational and residential facilities for students.

The institute was established in the year 2000 as an institution of higher learning in India that offers internationally recognized, undergraduate and post graduate programmes of study in hospitality and business management.

The institute's record of academic excellence is demonstrated by its full time faculty, the journal called the Journal of Services Research (JSR) that has been in publication for 10 years and an international conference on services management hosted by Vedatya in India, and its global partners - Virginia Tech University in US, Oxford Brookes University in UK, and Institute of Tourism Studies in Macao.

Vedatya Mission Statement

Vedatya’s mission is to use education and life long learning as a means of economic, social and cultural emancipation. We will strive for empowerment through education such that self-actualisation is not a mere dream and ensure that no part of the society remain untouched from the forces of positive change.

Schools at Vedatya

Vedatya consists of various schools focusing on individual disciplines but with a common thread running through them. The basic philosophy behind this is to leverage synergies that exist between various disciplines such that participants get professional training to fit in general management as well as process management cadres in designated industry sectors. Keeping this in consideration the institute has established the following two schools.

  • School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

  • School of Management and Entrepreneurship

These schools offer undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of study leading to award of degrees / diplomas in various disciplines. Other than this each school promotes research, consulting and executive training in their chosen areas of excellence. Each school has its dedicated staff and other resources and is governed by separate Academic Councils to direct their academic pursuits.

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