Volume 6 Number 2

 Chihiro Watanabe, Hiroshi Takahashi ,Yuji Tou , Kwok L. Shum
Inter–fields technology spillovers leverage co-evolution between core technologies and their application to new fields Service Oriented Manufacturing towards aUbiquitous Society
 Mohammed Shahedul Quader
the strategic implication of electronic commerce for small and medium sized enterprises
 V. Ravi , Mahil Carr , N. Vidya Sagar
Profiling ofInternet Banking Users in India Using Intelligent Techniques
 B.S. Bodla , Richa Verma

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Determinants of Profitability of Bank in India :A Multivariate Analysis
 Chiung-Ju Liang , Lung-Chun Hou
A Dynamic Connection of Balance Scorecard Applied for the Hotel
 Jayasimha KR ,Rajendra Nargundkar
Adoption of Self Service Bill Payment Technologies(SSBPTS): a Conceptual Model
 Gunjan M. Sanjeev
Does Banks' Size Matter in India?
 Akira Ohmura , Chihiro Watanabe

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Cross-prodects Technology Spillover in Inducing a Self-propagating Dynamism for the Shift to a Service Oriented Economy Lessons from High-Performance Fine Ceramics
 Neetu Andotra , Pooja

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Optimising Customer-Orientation in Small Business Through Marketing-Mix Feed-Back Results
 Jui-ling Huang , Li-li Hung
Business Analysis of Children's Mathematics Tutoring Schools in Taiwan
 Sanjeev Varshney , A. Sahay

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Indian Courier Industry: The Leader's Dilemma
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