Volume 5 Number 2

 Natoshi Osada, Chihiro Watanabe
Structured Impediments for Smaller Ventures in Creating New Emerging Industries in a service-Oriented Economy
 Vinnie Jauhari
Information Technology, Corporate Business Firms and Sustainable Development: Lessons from Cases of Success from India
 G. Barry O’Mahony, John Hall, Wayne Binney
A Situational Model Development in Hospitality Retailing: The Case of Irish Pubs
 Chiung-Ju Liang, Ming-Li Yao
The Nonfinancial performance Measurements of financial service industry:- A Study of taiwan mutual fund market
 H. Gayathri, Vinaya M.C., Lakshmisha K.
A Pilot Study On The Service Quality Of Insurance Companies
 Rajnish Jain, Sangeeta Jain
Towards Relational Exchange in Services Marketing: Insights from Hospitality Industry
 Madan Lal Bhasin
E-Broking As A Tool For Marketing Financial Services In The Global Market
 Miyuki Mitsuda, Chihiro Watanbe
The Initial Trajectory of New Venture Start-Ups - LESSONS from the Milk Crown Model FOR Services Management
 Versha Mehta, Parikshat Singh Manhas
Leveraging Information Systems Tools, Security and On-line Usage in Banking and Insurance Sector
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