Volume 4 Number 1

 Sheetal B. Sachdev, Harsh V. Verma
Relative Importance of Service Quality Dimensions: A Multisectoral Study
 Prakash K. Chathoth
The Evolution Of Embeddedness Within The Alliance Structure In A Non-Equity Hospitality Alliance
 Juma S. Ghailani, Sami A. Khan
Quality of Secondary Education and Labour market Requirement
 Vandana Punia, B.K. Punia, Indira Dhull
An Exploration Of Managerial Skills And Organizational Climate In The Educational Services
 Aishah Sabki, Pervaiz K. Ahmed, Glenn Hardaker
RAD Based prototyping methodology for timextra e-commerce
 Chiung-Ju Liang, Wen-Hung Wang
Attributes, Benefits, Customer Satisfaction and Behavioral Loyalty-An Integrative Research Of Financial Services Industry In Taiwan
 Chihiro Watanabe, Jae Yong Hur
Firm Strategy in Shifting to Service-Oriented Manufacturing - The Case of Japan's Electrical Machinery Industry
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