Volume 3 Number 2

 Peter O'Connor

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What Happens To My Information If I Make A Hotel Booking Online: An Empirical Analysis Of On-Line Privacy Policy Use, Content And Compliance By The International Hotel Companies
 P. Kumar,A. Sahay
Retailing At Petrol Pumps: From Commodity Dispensing To Customer Service
 Masayo Hobo,Chihiro Watanabe
An Examination Of The Resonance Between The Self-Propagating Function Of Erp And Its Co-Evolutional Impact As A Source Of Maximum Firm Utilization Of The Potential Benefits Of It
 Ramaraj Palanisamy,Sushil
Measurement And Enablement Of Information Systems For Organizational Flexibility: An Empirical Study
 Nimit Chowdhary ,Bhagwati P. Saraswat
Service Leadership Study
 M.L. Agrawal
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Corporate Renaissance
 Vinnie Jauhari
Growth Opportunities In An Emerging Sector - The Case Of NIRULAS
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