Volume 3 Number 1

 Gary Graham, Glenn Hardaker
Impact Of On-Line Technologies For E-Music Supplier Networks
 M.L.Agrawal, Marcus Schmidt
Listening Quality Of The Point Of Service Personnel (Psps) As Impulse Trigger In Service Purchase: A Research Framework
 Sanjaya S. Gaur, K. Abdul Waheed
Motivations To Use Interactive Technologies In Marketing: A Study In Indian Service Businesses
 BBL Sharma
Financing For Health Security: User Charges And Health Insurance As Viable Options
 Chihiro Watanabe, Bernadetta Kwintiana Ane
Co-Evolution Of Manufacturing And Service Industry Functions
 Harsh V. Verma
Customer Outrage And Delight
 D.P.S. Verma, Gaytri Varma
On-Line Pricing: Concept, Methods And Current Practices
 S. Prabhakaran, Satya S.
An Insight Into Service Attributes In Banking Sector
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