Volume 2 Number 2

 Jandhyala B G, TilakP Geetha Rani
Changing Pattern of University Finances in India
 Bob Brotherton, Eef Heinhuis, Kenneth Miller, Monique Medema
Critical Success Factors in UK and Dutch Hotels
 Shiri Ahuja
Distributed Teams in E-Work Organisations: The New Issues
 Rajnish Jain, Sangeeta Jain, Upinder Dhar
Measuring Customer Relationship Management
 Zillur Rahman, S K Bhattacharyya
Doha: An Environmental Threat and Opportunity Profile
 Alka Sharma
Marketing Effectiveness in Merchant Banking Services - A Comparative Study of Public and Private Sector
E-Commerce in India: Challenges and Choices
 Tapan K Panda
Creating Customer Life Time Value Through Effective CRM in Financial Services Industry
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