Volume 2 Number 1

 Prakash K. Chathoth, Michael D. Olsen
Organisational Leadership and Strategy in the Hospitality Industry
 Venkatesh Umashanker, Akshay Kulkarni
Employee Motivation and Empowerment in Hospitality, Rhetoric or Reality – Some Observations from India
 Deirdre Kelly-Patterson, Christeen George
Mapping the Contract: An Exploration of The Comparative Expectations of Graduate Employees and Human Resource Managers Within The Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism Industries in the United Kingdom
 Prabina Rajib, DeepakTiwari, Gaurav Srivastava
Design and Development of an Integrated Supply Chain Management System in an Internet Environment
 Nageshwar Rao, R.P. Das

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Reorienting HRD Strategies for Tourists’ Satisfaction
 M. Thenmozhi, R. Shanthi
Opportunities and Challenges in EDI Applications in Financial Markets
 D.P.S. Verma, Renu Sobti

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Patients’ Perception of Medical services.
 Suresh Kulkarni
Estimating Cost of Government Health Care Services in India
 Vinayshil Gautam, Sanjay Sinha
Regulating the Mobile in Asia Pacific
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