Volume 1 Number 2

 Conrad Lashley
Costing Staff Turnover In Hospitality Service Organisations
 Bob Brotherton, Rebecca Turner
Introducing Yield Management Systems in Hotels: Getting the Technical / Human Balance Right
 Prakash Chathoth
Causal Modelling Methodology in Tourism: An Empirical Analysis
 Chandana Chakraborty, C. Jayachandran
Indian Software Industry : Structure, Trends and Constraints
 Nguyen Thi Binh Minh, A.T.M. Nurul Amin, Hideharu Morishita
Using Foreign Direct Investment to Improve Urban Environmental Infrastructure and Services : The Case of Hanoi, Vietnam
 Ramraj Palanisamy, Sushil
User Involvement in Information Systems Planning Leads to Strategic Success : An Empirical Study
 Jianhua Zhao, Kedong Li
Architecture of Web-Based Intelligent Collaborative Learning : System Design and Peer Modeling
 Shiri Ahuja
Tourism in 21st Century : Sharks in the Ocean
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