Volume 1 Number 1

 Michael D. Olsen, Prakash Chathoth, Amit Sharma
Forces Driving Change in the Hospitality Industry in India
 Rabindra Nath, Rajat Raheja
Competencies in Hospitality IndustryTourism and Hospitality Industry in India
Tourism And Hospitality Industry In India
 Peter O’Connor
Room Rates on the Internet – is the Web Really Cheaper?
 Ramraj Palanisamy, Sushil
Empirically Testing The Relationships Between User Involvement, Information Waste, and MIS Success
 Mohan Lal Agrawal
Building a New Academic Field in India: The Case of Services Marketing
 Venkatesh Umashankar
The Importance of Managing Points-Of-Marketing in Marketing Higher Education Programmes – Some Conclusions
 Barnali Chaklader
Extreme Information Technology Sector Focus of Venture Capitalists. A Case for Broadbasing.
 Vinnie Jauhari
Employee and Customer Management Processes for Profitability - The Case of Hewlett-Packard India
 Mohan Lal Agrawal
Green Card : I Do Care!
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