Volume 18 Number2

 Charlotte Pick, Alex G. Gillett
Segmenting Consumers Of Professional Soccer: Identifying The Enthusiast
 Vivek Dalela, Alexa M. Givan, Shiri D. Vivek, Kunal Banerji
The Employee's Perspective Of Customer Relationships: A Typology
 Som Sekhar Bhattacharyya
Study Of Internationalization Of Indian Engineering, Project And Construction Firms In Africa And In The Gulf Countries
 Ramaraj Palanisamy, Yifan Liu
User Search Satisfaction In Search Engine Optimization: An Empirical Analysis
 Pooja Chopra, Monica Bedi
Understanding Determinants Of User Acceptance Of Whatsapp: An Empirical Study
 Prashanti Jaykumar
Hospitality Management Institutes - The Skills Training Industry Perspective
 Akshat Jain
Holistic View Of Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace: View On Utilization & Benefits
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