Volume 16 Number 2

 Alex G. Gillett
Multiple Relationships With Multiple Stakeholders: The Scope of Relationship Marketing for Public Services
 Mohammed Shahedul Quader, Shanewaz Mahmood Sohel
The Role of Brand in Service Firms: The Evidence From Elite Tier Professional Services in the UK
 Rita Basu
The Role of Emotional Intelligence in the Decision Making Process of Correctional Officers, of the West Bengal Correctional Services
 Nimit Gupta, Sudhir Rana, Arpan Anand
Impact of Liberalization on the Insurance Sector in India
 Avita Khawas, Sandeep Kulshreshtha
The Royal Family of Jodhpur and Their Efforts in Promoting Tourism in Marwar- A Case Study of the Mehrangarh Museum Trust
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