Volume 16 Number1

 Artee Aggrawal, R. Nargundkar
Proposing Framework for Dynamics of Green Purchase Behavior in India: An empirical study of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai
 Gaurav Tripathi, Kartik Dave
Assessing the Impact of Restaurant Service Quality Dimensions on Customer Satisfaction and Behavioural Intentions
 Purva Kansal
Factors Affecting adoption of Self service Banking in Do it for me Indian Culture
 Nancy Bawa, Neelam Dhanda
An Analytical Study on Asset Under Management of Life Insurance Companies in India
 Rahul Pratap Singh Kaurav, Nimit Chowdhary, Monika Prakash, Alan David Briggs
Internal Marketing: Review for Next Generation Businesses
 Rahul Thakurta
Understanding Digital Media Penetration in a Formal Group Setting
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