Volume 12 Number 1

 Ajay Ahuja, Vinayshil Gautam
Employee Satisfaction: A Key Contributor to Data Centersí Organizational Effectiveness
 Raktida Siri, Lisa Kennon, Bharath Josiam, Daniel Spears
Indian Touristsí Satisfaction of Bangkok, Thailand
 Himanshu Choudhary, Gaurav Tripathi
An Analysis of Inventory Turnover and its Impact on Financial Performance in Indian Organized Retail Industry
 R. Kasilingam, G. Ramasundaram
Predicting Solvency of Non-Banking Financial Institutions in India Using Fulmer and Springate Model
 Mohammed Shahedul Quader
A Characteristic Model of Successful Women Entrepreneurs in the UK
 Nada Nasr, Abdolreza Eshghi, Shirshendu Ganguli
Service Quality in Hybrid Services: A Consumer Value Chain Framework
 Alka Sharma, Mandeep Singh
Customersí Perceptual Analysis of Cellular Operators in Northern India
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