Special Issue ( December 2005 )

 Senthil K. Muthusamy, Ramaraj Palanisamy, Jonathan MacDonald
Developing Knowledge Management Systems (Kms) For Erp Implementation: A Case Study From Service Sector
 Diganta Kumar Das, K. Narayanan
Information And Communication Technology (Ict) And Indias Development: Achievements And Challenges Ahead
 K.G. Viswanadhan, N.J. Rao, C. Mukhopadhyay

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Impact Of Privatization On Engineering Education A Study Through The Analysis Of Performance Of Self-Financing Engineering Programmes In India
 B. Zeng, R. W. Carter, T. De Lacy, Johannes Bauer
Effects Of Tourism Development On The Local Poor People Case Study In Taibai Region China
 Aveek Majumdar

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A Model For Customer Loyalty For Retail Stores Inside Shopping Malls- An Indian Perspective
 Gal Bonnin, Olivier Segard, Pierre Vialle
Relationship Marketing And Innovation: The Case Of The Launch Of Wireless Local Loop Telecommunication Services In France
 Nadine Sulkowski, Angela Roper
The Strategic Behaviour Of German Tour Operators In Croatia
 Anita Seth, Kiran Momaya, H.M. Gupta
An Exploratory Investigation Of Customer Loyalty And Retention In Cellular Mobile Communication
 Sumant Sarin, Clayton Barrows
An Examination Of Current Food And Beverage Trends In India And An Assessment Of Potential Demand For Luxury Food And Beverage Products: Implications For Managers
 Fredy Valenzuela, David Pearson, Roger Epworth
Influence Of Switching Barriers On Service Recovery Evaluation
 Mahmood A. Khan
Internationalization Of Services: The Global Impact Of Us Franchise Restaurants
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