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Current Issue's Features (April - September 2018)

The Dynamics And Trends Of The Service Sector In The .........

India's services sector covers a wide variety of activities such as trade, hotel and restaurants, transport, storage and communication, financing, insurance, real estate, business services, community, social and personal services, and services associated with construction. Service is far more important in the guest-purchase decision than even price and location.

Rise of the internet has also created a new framework for many retailers, in which electronic operations and those at physical stores are blended with each other, as demanded by the customer. Retail banking, along with a few other industries, remained in the top sectors that provide a positive customer experience. Although hospitality operations have their own levels of intricacy, the operating issues faced by healthcare operators and Banking are even more complex. The importance of cross-pollination between service industries is essential to explore and analyse the collaboration opportunities amongst each other in areas of Service Excellence, Human resource and Training.

A Holistic Perspective On Strategic Alliances For Indian Managers ..........

In the classical business landscape, the scope, scale and technology base of business firms used to be limited opined Ghemawat (2002). Firms were attuned to thinking in terms of what a firm could do by itself stated Das &Teng(2000); and Colombo (2003). Thus firms thought strictly in terms of what raw materials the firm could fetch from suppliers, and how the firm could better serve customers by itself according to Grant (1991). Thus, a firm and only a firm was the unit of analysis observed Barney (2001). Jensen (1993) traced the fact that, with the advent of the industrial revolution, the scale, scope and technology base of firms increased. Given this scenario it became slowly evident for firms, that a firm alone doesn't have the bandwidth of resources and capabilities to cater to the growing market, pointed out by authors such asSørensen, & Reve (1998).

Impact Of Corporate Social Responsibility Practices On The Corporate ............

The unprofitable concern towards the environment, society along with the economy is termed as corporate social responsibility (CSR). The concept of CSR has been practiced since decades by many companies voluntarily. Corporate social responsibility is an umbrella under which, corporates work beyond their operational interests, and extend their hands to elevate society's standards to the next level. There is no such definition which can encompass the activities of CSR; but all positive actions beneficial to improve the lives of unrelated people and society at large, are referred to as CSR practices. Many authors have explained the meaning of CSR as per their point of view. Clark, (2006); Porter and Kramer, (2006) stated, that CSR is "achieving commercial success in ways that honor ethical values and respect people, communities and the natural environment".

Customer Preferences For Health Insurance Product Attributes ..........

Health insurance provides benefits for medical expenses or for time lost caused due to Injury or illness. The health insurance coverage made available by insurance companies globally is divided into two categories, medical expenses insurance and disability income insurance. Health Insurance is being practiced in different forms and the basic principles of insurance such as:
(1) utmost good faith,
(2) indemnity,
(3) insurable interest,
(4) subrogation,
(5) contribution and
(6) proximate cause become applicable.

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