Research focused on the below mentioned tracks are presented during the conference

Attendees/Participants will get information on specific presentations and timelines closer to the conference date, allowing them to sign in and listen to presentation/research of their interest.

Track 1. Sustainable development and practice, an imperative for the post Covid world

Indicative themes for the track:

  • Sustainability education- Educating for sustainability practice - what needs to be done?
  • Climate change and energy conservation- predictions and responses
  • Affordable and clean energy- production, consumption and innovation
  • CSR and sustainable entrepreneurship
  • Design for sustainability with respect to circular economy-, value chains and trade, sustainable consumption and farming practices
  • Sustainable cities and communities- innovation levers, community participation and dynamics, urban resilience and adaptive capacity, smart transformations
  • Social-economic aspects of sustainability - global inequality and poverty; employment and good work; smart, inclusive and green growth, de-growth and its implications
  • Collaboration and co-creation for sustainability, legal aspects of sustainable development and role of governments

Track 2. Hospitality and tourism 2030

Indicative themes for the track:

  • Reimagining hospitality businesses under the Covid onslaught, the way forward. 
  • Best practices in enhancing tourism experience with authenticity as a driver.
  • Innovation in hospitality, tourism and events industry
  • Next-Generation customer experience: human touch vs. smart touch
  • Exploring evolution of events and conferences as an industry in India- what next?
  • Identifying external considerations that can impact hotel operations and the hotel sector?
  • Understand how hotel operation has responded to the forces of globalization and technology at local and international scales
  • CSocial media and hospitality reputation management (the new challenge for hotel managers to provide and maintain a high standard of service in the new social media world)

Track 3. Digital overdrive for the service sector in India

Indicative themes for the track:

  • Where does 'traditional marketing' stand as the service industry in India responds to digital marketing options?
  • Impact of 'Mobile Phone' driven strategy (apps and websites) on revenue management practices in Indian service industry.
  • Role of social media (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter etc.) as a'public relations' tool
  • Data analytics driven decision making as a driver of sustainable competitive advantage for the service sector in India
  • Impact and evolution of digital marketing companies as service providers to a range of businesses in the service sector
  • Digital era is synonymous with generation of tonnes of data. How effectively are the businesses segregating useful and actionable data from the rest and deploy the same for effective decision making
  • Impact of advances like AI (artificial intelligence)
  • Digitization of education sector, where is it headed and the challenges ahead