Author Versha Mehta, Parikshat Singh Manhas
Publish October 2005- March 2006
Title Leveraging Information Systems Tools, Security and On-line Usage in Banking and Insurance Sector
Abstract The second generation reforms have been pioneer in opening up the world markets. Around the globe the policies of liberalization, globalisation and privatization have been widely followed by different countries. India as well as other SAARC countries have also been opening up their markets. As a result the global markets have become very competitive. In this age of competition, banks and Information Technology are playing increasingly important role in the economy of every country. Banks and Information Technology are becoming increasingly dependent upon each other and the most important thing to learn from Y2K problem that struck world wide in the year 2000 has not been its direct cost as it has been the warning about how companies software applications are becoming the central nervous system of the organization. Software tools and techniques are, as a result of this, increasingly determining the nature of the experiences the customers, the employees, the partners and the investors have with the organization, its products, services and the operations. In this context, therefore, the software-mediated experiences are critical for retaining the customers, motivating the employees, collaborating effectively with the partners and communicating with the investors. The efficiency and effectiveness of Information Systems, besides depending upon the culture of the organization, also depends upon the appropriate use of systems tools and techniques. Numerous studies have tried to relate the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization from the point of view of the information technology as a whole. However, there have been very few studies in India that have studied the relationship of the information systems tools and techniques for the data security and on-line usage with that of organizational performance. The present study aims to achieve this by examining the use of information systems tools, data security services and on-line databases by the banking and insurance companies which are at the forefront of the transformational dynamics.
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