Author Vandana Punia, B.K. Punia, Indira Dhull
Publish Aprill - September 2004
Title An Exploration Of Managerial Skills And Organizational Climate In The Educational Services
Abstract Business environment conditions are likely to witness increasing volatility in the coming years. To balance the local and global challenges the economies, including India are relying more on the service sector throughout the globe. The educational services come at the core while setting the pace for rest of the economy. Education services as such are intangible and evaluation of the same is obtained normally by judging the content and the delivery system, as precise standardization is difficult. Competitive advantage and professional excellence in turn fundamentally depends upon the skills of the educational administrator and the prevailing organisational climate. The study explores how in the educational service sector, the problems are largely solved by cognition and logic, conflicts are handled with a positive attitude, collaborative style. The prevailing organisational climate has been found conducive to performance and the interaction between the two is more significant on collective basis rather than individual basis.
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