Author Juma S. Ghailani, Sami A. Khan
Publish Aprill - September 2004
Title Quality of Secondary Education and Labour market Requirement
Abstract The value of human capital has never been so important than today, as we are living in a knowledge era where skills and education become quickly out of date. The education system as a whole has been a subject of continuous evaluation and reinforcement. The role of education and training in enhancing the chances of better quality of life, prosperity and peace is being appreciated worldwide. The secondary level of education in particular plays very critical role in shaping the human capital of a nation. Without compromising the goal of countries’ commitment to provide secondary education on a mass basis available to all, there is a need to redefine the role of secondary education system to align it with the current needs of the economy and society at large. The secondary schools are required to churn out students who can face the changed economic scenario when they enter into; either higher education or explore the possibility of employment in job market. This paper evaluates the challenges faced by the secondary education system. It will also tries to find out the desirable structure, system and methods to impart better learning and generation of knowledge so that the need of the private sectors can be fulfilled. The present paper proposes a model based on McKinsey’s 7 S to be adopted for enhancing the effectiveness of the secondary school program. It identifies the role played by different stakeholders in identifying the knowledge and skill gap. It proposes the evaluation of the existing structure of the secondary schools and prescribes the reinforcement of certain areas for desirable outcomes. It also talks about the sharing of information, pedagogy and experiences between parties to improve the quality and relevance of the secondary education.
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