Author Dr. Savita Sharma, Sidharth Srivastava
Publish April 2020 - September 2020
Title Human Resource Management: A Crucial Component In Context Of The Indian Hospitality Industry
Abstract Customers are deemed indispensable for the success of any profit organisation, yet an increasingly prevailing notion remains that internal employees need to contribute towards the achievement of organisational goals. In doing so, the argument of a multi-pronged approach necessitating attention on employees’ growth and development gains strength. In the hotel industry, especially in India, the state of human resources is far from normal, which is resulting in higher employee turnover and the industry is losing a large proportion of its manpower that initially receives training to work in the sector, however chooses alternative sectors to progress their career with. The main objective of this study is to reflect on four key human resource management perspectives viz. recruitment; training and development; rewards and incentives and employee satisfaction. These aspects have been critically examined in the backdrop of the changing workforce environment. This review study is chiefly based on extant literature in human resource management and employs a meta synthesis methodological approach that allows for bringing concepts together to explicate the considered perspectives. The implications of the article can be viewed in the context of academic advancement via reviewed literature, which may guide researchers in carrying out studies in hospitality oriented HRM.
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