Author Meenakshi Ahlawat, Ajay Suneja and Avnika Chawla
Publish October 2020 - March 2021
Title A Conceptual Study Of The Determinants Of Organizational Citizenship Behaviour
Abstract Employees’ attitude and behaviour affects the performance of the organization immensely. Managers are keen to know about such behaviours that can be beneficial for the success of the organization. One such set of behaviours that can improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency is called organizational citizenship behaviours (OCBs) are, those set of behaviours that are performed voluntarily and engagement in such behaviours does not lead to any rewards or sanctions but; increases the overall efficiency of an organization. The interest in the domain of OCB has grown rapidly among scholars. Though there are ample studies on OCB and the factors that affect it, they have varied viewpoints. Moreover, there are various other factors that may have a significant effect on OCB but the literature on such factors is very scarce. There lacks a comprehensive study on OCB and its determinants. The present paper is an effort in this direction and makes a sincere attempt in providing a conceptual framework, so as to lay a firm ground for future researchers to study the various determinants of OCB and their potential impact.
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