Author Varun Jaggi and Sudhanshu Bhushan
Publish October 2020 - March 2021
Title Dynamics Of Service Design Thinking–The New Panacea For Competitive Advantage
Abstract Design thinking and services possess a strong relationship. It is through the virtue of designing thinking a service design is formulated, and it is only design thinking that encapsulates the whole concept of competitive advantage. The content will initially touch the aspect of design thinking, conveying how it was gradually engulfed by the ethics of service to bloom as service design. For the matter, further refining will be facilitated by theory and practice to flash a light on the key terms, with attached perspectives to elaborate what service design is, and the way service design converges and diverges when passed through the mirror of trust and how design thinking can also help in gaining competitive advantage. The focus of this paper is on integrating all the points and forming an integrated solution on the way design thinking can be taken from the point where it could be used to plan a design to the point where it actually comes down from the whiteboard and is used to gain a sustainable advantage. The practical application of design thinking in prototyping is discussed with a fresh perspective, and a fairly new approach towards service design, including topics such as inclusiveness, trust, heuristics, and algorithms. All the discussed topics compare design thinking as a chain starting from a balance of deduction or induction, emphasizing the core, and how it is also understood as a thought that represents a cyclic form of Design thinking.
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