Author Dr. Ramjit, Karnail Singh
Publish April 2020 - September 2020
Title Traditional Food Potentials of Northern India
Abstract Emerging research on food consumption patterns reflects, that dining out is a growing form of food tourism where meals are consumed not out of necessity but for pleasure, and the special events are part of the tourist experience as much as the food heritage itself. The growth of technology and other market forces of globalization have made the traditional cuisines more accessible worldwide.In various countries, food has been classified as per country norms or certain other elements in consideration. It is further stated that movement of tourists towards culinary experiences are the focal point of discussion in this review based paper, in order to project the food heritage of a destination along with its traditional culinary practices.However the ‘food heritage’ of India is as varied as its culture and people. In every region food changes in flavors and techniques of cooking, because it is influenced by its religion, customs and traditions which cannot be grouped like the food of the Western World. Therefore, this paper emphasizes on the food heritage of Northern India, along with the various traditional culinary practices.
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