Author Prashanti Jaykumar
Publish April 2020 - September 2020
Title The Triumphs & Challenges In The Path Of Green Hotel Housekeeping
Abstract ‘Sustainability’ is the new mantra the world swears by in today’s times. It has made its mark in all the prominent industries across India too, particularly the Hotel Industry. Hotels are framing new guidelines to adopt environment- friendly practices and procedures in all their departments. The objective of this paper would be to understand the various processes and procedures adopted by the hotel housekeepers across India, to make housekeeping operations ‘green’, to assess which of these processes were adopted in compliance with the new regulations related to the environment; and which of them were voluntarily undertaken and supported by their hotel managements. This paper would also look at all the triumphs and challenges faced by the housekeepers, on the unknown yet crucial path of ‘sustainable’ housekeeping, to gauge whether the future of hotel housekeeping is indeed ‘green’.
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