Author Gayatri Peshawaria
Publish April - September 2019
Title Gayatri's Gourmet - Masterclass & The Kitchen Garden Programs Educating Children in Inculcating a healthy Lifestyle
Abstract The objective of this case study is totrace the journey of Gayatri's Gourmet so far and outline the advantages of introducing a new concept, which brings value to children in this fast paced modern world. Healthy eating habits can be instilled through a collective process of education and demonstration of adapting nutritious food types into the daily diet of children. The entrepreneurial journey of Gayatri's Gourmet and the partnerships they have forged to present their offering to their customer base; is the mark of a true innovator. The first of its kind service offered in India to children through the MasterClass and Kitchen Garden programs, makes this company unique and valuable.
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