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Current Issue's Features (October 2019-March 2020)

An Analysis of Visionary Architecture of ICICI bank .........

The banking sector in India is an emerging sector. This sector has showed a drastic transformation of how it used to be and how it works now. This sector is currently transforming itself and moving towards a digital system. Technology has shown a positive impact on the banking sector. Today, Indian banks hold an important position in the entire banking industry and if the banks are able to continue with the same position, then they can further think about other strategies by targeting the overseas market for organic growth of the Indian banking industry. Consolidation has become an important part of restructuring especially in the banking sector.

Cost Volume Profit Analysis and the Dance Class Business ..........

"Though we are providing quality dance classes, there is no significant growth in the number of students. It has become difficult to make the business economically viable."

Study of Industry Level Bargaining Power: Quest for Value Capture ............

Strategic management literature has been dominated with the notion of value creation. However, in the new world of platform based economies value capture has become pivotal along with value creation. The author in this article presents five narratives to emphasize the importance of value capture along with value creation. The author builds on the theoretical concept of bargaining power in industry analysis. Bargaining power with respect to both suppliers and customers was considered. The author applied argumentative logic based on theoretical perspectives to ascertain the point of view, that value capture should be prioritized by firms as a strategic goal rather than value creation.

Digital Marketing and Its Effect on Online Consumer Buying ..........

The aim of the study is to find out the effect of digital marketing on online consumer buying behavior at Vellore city, Tamil Nadu. Analytical research design has been adopted for the study. Primary data has been collected through structured questionnaire with open and closed ended questions consisting of nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio scale. Books, magazines, journals, thesis and websites were referred to collect secondary data. Due to unknown population, the data was collected by adopting judgment sampling technique from 100 consumers. Analysis namely reliability test, descriptive, chi-square, multiple regression and Kendell's W test were used to identify the effect of digital marketing on online consumer buying behavior at Vellore city. The study found that there is a significant effect of consumer perception on digital marketing, and effectiveness of digital marketing on online consumer buying behavior. It was also found that content marketing is the highly preferred digital marketing channel, which induces the consumer to take online buying decisions. Possible suggestions and conclusion were also discussed.

Investor Sentiment Index, Fii Flows and Stock Market ..........

This paper makes an attempt to develop three sentiment indices for the Indian stock market and also study the interrelationship between the developed sentiment indices with the Indian Stock Market as proxied by the BSE Sensex. Also, an attempt is madefor incorporating sentiment into the equation of FII flows and the stock returns framework analysed by various researchers, under the feedback trading literature. The findings suggest that sentiment causes net FII flows through the Indian stock market. Also, the results suggest a bi-directional causality running from stock market returns and sentiments.

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