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Current Issue's Features (April - September 2019)

Finding Magic Through Emotions in Stardust Ink .........

Entrepreneurship is the buzz word for the last twenty years. Entrepreneurs are regarded as "super heros" who are willing to risk everything to make their ideas succeed. They have a different in-built passion of making things work and proving themselves. Every second person today wants to be their own boss and make a name for themselves (Burns, 2007). Carter et al (2002) refer to entrepreneurs as "The Dreamers". To understand the art of entrepreneurship and my journey as an entrepreneur, it is imperative to understand who entrepreneurs are.

Gayatri's Gourmet - Masterclass & The Kitchen Garden Programs ..........

The objective of this case study is totrace the journey of Gayatri's Gourmet so far and outline the advantages of introducing a new concept, which brings value to children in this fast paced modern world. Healthy eating habits can be instilled through a collective process of education and demonstration of adapting nutritious food types into the daily diet of children. The entrepreneurial journey of Gayatri's Gourmet and the partnerships they have forged to present their offering to their customer base; is the mark of a true innovator. The first of its kind service offered in India to children through the MasterClass and Kitchen Garden programs, makes this company unique and valuable.

Societe Naturelle: The Story Of How the Buzz Began ............

We take the liberty to share the history and take you back to where the first seed was sown for this humble beginning. Early days and the inception of our name is what we would like to begin with. Societé Naturelle was not a regular name for a brand in 2008, neither is it a regular name even today. SN is the common short name that our customers have given us. Our vision was to give back to society by working closely and helping grass root level farmers, women and anybody who shared the vision to promote natural and organic produce.

The Manana Story- An Inspiring Entrepreneurial Journey of ..........

The Manana case study reveals the path of a entrepreneurial venture right from the inception of the core offering, to the many turns that the business takes during the course of its unfoldment. On one end its a live account of the different stages a business takes to be born. On the other hand, it is a story of courage, determination and perseverance that such an endeavour demands of the founders, who have the courage to embark and sustain this life changing journey.

Strike or a Home Run: A Study on Chef Entrepreneurs ..........

Who is an entrepreneur? Simply saying, an entrepreneur is a person who is managing a business in a productive way. There is a thin line that differentiates them from the common folk, they survive on the same principles like everyone else; food, air, water, shelter etc., then what makes them different, what they eat? Where they live? Or what they wear? No, it's the way they think. Yes, just the thinking separates a common man from an entrepreneur. But still what makes entrepreneurs entrepreneurial?

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